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- 📌Nitework-Tiki Joes Meschutt (Sponsored Band)

-That 70's Band- Salt Shack 7p

-The Offspring / Sum 41 /Simple Plan-Jones Beach Theater

-The Remedy-The Oakdale Yacht Club

-70's Rock Parade- Boat Yard

-The 90s Band- Dublin Deck 7p

-Track 9 -BrewSA 4p

-Tradewinds- Katch Venetian Shores 6p

-In The Groove- Tiki Joe’s Smith PT 6:30

-Spinderella Pink White Party- Beach Club Estate 7p

-Stereomatic- Greenport Harbor Brewery 4p

-Beer Nutz- Bodhis Beach Shack 5p

-Radio Flashback- Salt Shack 1p

-Easy Street-Tiki Joes Captree Basin 5p

-THE MUTANT KINGS -Ralph's Marina 5:30

-The OFFSPRING - Simple Plan + Sum 41 - Jones Beach 6p

-🍺 Allmost Bros-Platduetsche 6:30

-VHS-Tiki Joes Cupsogue 4:30

-Bobby Nathan Band- Tiki Joes Cedar Beach 6p

- Live Vinyl- Bayview 6p

-Shore Fire at the Nutty Irishman 7p

-TCB at Daisy's Nashville Lounge

-The Allmost Brothers-Platduetche

-One Step Ahead-Tiki Joes Meschutt 6:30

-CAPTAIN JACK ~ LIVE at The New York Beach Club 7p

-Shorefire LIVE at The Nutty Irishman 7p

-Barometer Soup (Jimmy Buffett)-Jones Beach Bandshell 7:30

-Crossing Sunrise/Sticky Sweet (Def Leppard)- 89 North

-Illusion-A Tribute to Women Who Rock -Liams Landing 8p

-Radio Flashback-The Edge Lulus 8p

-The 60s Invasion- Bobbique 8p

-The Influence-Lazy Lobster 8p

-WLWG -Repeal in Huntington

-The Daplorabulls - Eleanors 9p

-OLD SCHOOL Classic Rock -The Sea Breeze, Babylon, NY

- DJ- Bijou


-Jet City-Oakdale Yacht 7p

-70's Rock Parade-Salt Shack

-Decadia- Boat Yard 6p

-LI Rewind-Tiki Joes Cupsogue 4p

-Somehow Sorry @ Ronkonkoma Street Fair 4:30

-Dirty Penny-Tiki Joes Captree Basin 5p

-James Taylor - Jones Beach 5p

-HIDEF- Katch Venetian Shores 6p

-The Revelators-Lazy Lobster

-Where Stars Collide- Tiki Joe’s Meschutt 6p

- Ready in 10- Bayville 1p

That 70's Band-Tiki Joes Smith Pt 6:30

-Allmost Bros-Jones Beach Bandshell 7:30

-Sugar Ray- Eisenhower Pk 8p

-Krush-The Inn LB 10p


-J Haus Band at Oakdale Yacht Club 4p

-Crucial Experiment - EGP Land & Sea 4p

-Guilty Pleasures- Salt Shack 4:30

-LIRX-Tiki Joes Cupsogue 4:30

- Mean Machine- Bayview Freeport 2p

- Industry Monday-Dublin Deck

-Instant Replay-Tiki Joes Smith Pt

-THE MUTANT KINGS-Katch Venetian 6p

The 90s Band- Boat Yard

-Lisa Polizzi Open Mic-Parsnip Lake House

-A Witches Brew-Lazy Lobster

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