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Verify with bands and venues before going!!!


-Mean Machine-Boat Yard ⚓️7P

-That 70's Band-Salt Shack 🏖 7P

-The 90's Band-Dublin Deck 7P

-Fivestone-Lazy Lobster 🦞

-Fools For Kings- Grampa Tony’s🍕 7P

-The Remedy-Lamottas 7P

-Us & Floyd- Warehouse

-♥ Lovesong- 317 Main 9P

-Rockin 45’s-Katch Venetian Shores 6P

-Screamer-Tiki Joes Cedar Beach 6P

-Pagman & Robin-Bacaro!!! 6:30

-Gypsy/Surfcasters- 89 North 7P

-Mach5 Band Trio -Lulu's Lobster

-Radio Flashback- Margaritas 🍹7P

-The Blend- Eleanors 7P

-The Half Breeds -Bobbique

-Souls On Board- Mulcahys 8P

-Kenny Cowie & The High Value Tribe-G's

-Lisa Polizzi Solo-Husk & Vine 8P

-RPM & Friends!-Johnny McGorey’s Pub 6P

-Bill Giangrande & K9s-Ristegios 8:30

-The Reckoning-The Homestead 6p

-Face To Face-Oakdale Yacht 7p

-VOR-Lily's 6p

-The Upside Down- Carneys 7:30

-Trio-Prohibition 8p

-Rockville Drive- Local Tavern




-The Say-Salt Shack 🏖 1P (TOB Residents)

-The Mystic-Salt Shack 🏖 7p

-Warped Tour- Dublin Deck 7p

-Vinyl Revival-Boat Yard⚓️  7p

-Fast Five-Claudios 1p

-🤠 Southbound-Pindar Vineyards 🍷  1p

-In The Groove- Tiki Joe’s Meschutt

-Mean Machine-Sunny Atlantic Beach Club 7p

-Bon Journey-Town of North Hempstead 7p

-The Influence- Lazy Lobster 🦞 8p

-Drop Dead Sexy-The INN LB 10:30pm

-Frayed Knots-Katch Venetian Shores 1p

-Carrie & The Pockets- Katch Venetian 6p

-Steelin In The Years (Steely Dan)- Lily’s 6p

-Mcquade & The Pockets-Katch Venetian Shores 6p

-Allmost Bros -Plattduetsche  🍺 6:30

-Panic- Tiki Joes Smith Pt 6:30

-Awaken YES Trib- 89 North 7p

-Chris Young- Bald Hill Amphitheater 🏟 7p

-Lime Wired-Oakdale Yacht  🛥7p

-Rock Stars From Mars- Off Key Tiki 7p

-Gypsy Felons-Sand City South Brewing 7p

-EASY STREET -Tiki Joe's Cupsogue

-Afterglow/Awakening-89 North 8p

-Hitz- Farrell’s W Islip 8p

-LI Rewind- Ristegios 8:30

-Off The Hook - Blu Iguana 🦎 5p

-Track 9 at the South Shore Craft Brewery! 🍺7p

-Yellowfly-Hooks & Chops  🥩 7:30

-Pagman & Robin live at Toomey's Tavern!!! 8p

-One More Time -Headliner Bar & Grill 8p

-THE ROCKINGHAMS-Sonny's Canal House 8p

-Blue Angel -  Eleanor's! 8:30

-Old School Classic Rock- SeaBreeze 8:30

-Music Express- Memories 9p

-Red Neck Romance- Prohibition 8p

- Manno- Local Tavern 8p


-Ray Luisi & Friends- LI Bagel Café 🥯 9:30

-Dock Holiday- Salt Shack 🏖 1p

-The Next Level Band-The Boat Yard ⚓️ 2p

-DJ Frankie- The Boat Yard 5p

-70’s Rock Parade-Salt Shack 7p

-The Mystic- Maliblue 6p

-The Vibe-Oakdale Yacht 🛥 6p

-In The Groove-Tiki Joe’s Smith Pt 6:30

-Mean Machine-The Inn LB 10p

-Drop Dead Sexy-Dublin Deck 4p

-Off The Hook-Bayside Clam 4p

-Panic- Tiki Joes Meschutt 6p

-Fastfive-Katch Venetian Shores 6p

-Lime Wired-Lamottas 7p

-Slingshot Jams -T.J. Cedar Beach 6p

-Jim Moran Jam- Station Pub 3p

-Remember Wen- Laura’s Waterfront BBQ 3:30

-The Revelators- Lazy Lobster 🦞 6:30

-VOR- The Bayview 2p

-Pagman & Robin- Off Key Tiki 1p




-No Request Band-Salt Shack 🏖 1P

-Mean Machine-Salt Shack 🏖 6P

-🤠 Country Beach Party-Boat Yard ⚓️ 2:30-10p

-Mutant Kings-Katch Venetian 6P

-Radio Flashback-Tiki Joe's Smith Point beach! 6P

-A Witches Brew- Lazy Lobster 🦞6:30

-Blackout Monday’s Industry Party- Dublin Deck

-Gotcha Covered- Blu Iguana 🦎 12P

-The Blend- Bayside Clam 4P

-The Next Level Band-Harbor Crab 🦀 4P

-Band Easy St- Tiki Joes Meschutt 6P

-🤠 Country Monday -Warehouse (VERIFY)

-Next Level-Harbor Crab 4p

-Pagman & Robin- Ottos 2p

-🎤Lisa Polizzi Open Mic-Parsnip Lake House 7P

-JHAUS Band-Oakdale Yacht 2p

-Perfect Combination- Sunset Harbour 7:30

-Fivestone- Captree Tiki Joes 5p

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